National  Academy  of  Science  of  Ukraine

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Congratulations to the staff of the Institute!

Following the results of competition held among institutions of NAS of Ukraine
for the best rates in inventive work, creation, protection and use of intellectual property rights in 2014,
the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine has recognized the Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies of NAS of Ukraine as the winner of the competition in the sphere
of the Sector of Physical and Technical Problems of Materials Science to be awarded third prize.

Moreover, we would like to express our heartily congratulations to Nazarova Natalya Stanislavovna, PhD in Eng.,
Senior Researcher of Dept. No.49, on occasion of awarding the title
of "Inventor of the year of NAS of Ukraine" in 2014.



The following monographs of our employees are prepared and published:

1. Sophiyskiy K. K., Filimonov, P. E., Bokiy B.V., Shvets, I. S., Cherednikov V. V.,
    Smirnov A. P., Agayev R. A.
Dynamic ways to decontaminate surface wells: monograph. -
(Polyakova N.S. Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics NAS of Ukraine). -
Donetsk: TOV "Skhidny vydavnychy dim", 2014. - 248 p. (15 conventional printed pages). - Edition of 150 copies - ISBN 978-966-317-225-5.
2. Sizonenko O. N., Ivliev A. I., Baglyuk G.A.
Promising manufacturing processes of powder materials:
textbook. - (Makarov National University of Shipbuilding).
- Nikolaev: NUK, 2014. - 376 p. (30,6 conventional printed pages).
- Edition of 100 copies - ISBN 978-966-321-292-0.
3. Sizonenko O. N.
The method of electrodischarge effect on the structure of porous materials
and the dynamics of filtering hydrocarbon fluids in them:
monograph - Kiev NPP "Interservice", 2015. - 300 p. (24,38 conventional printed pages).
- Edition of 300 copies - ISBN 978-617-696-314-1.