National  Academy  of  Science  of  Ukraine

Sophiyskiy K. K., Filimonov, P. E., Bokiy B.V., Shvets, I. S., Cherednikov V. V.,
Smirnov A. P., Agayev R. A.

Dynamic ways to decontaminate surface wells: monograph. -
(Polyakova N.S. Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics NAS of Ukraine). -
Donetsk: TOV "Skhidny vydavnychy dim", 2014. - 248 p. (15 conventional printed pages). - Edition of 150 copies - ISBN 978-966-317-225-5.
Workplace of co-authors:
- Sophiyskiy K. K., Cherednikov V. V., Agayev R. A. - Polyakova N.S. Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics NAS of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk;
- Filimonov, P. E., Bokiy B.V. - Zasyadko Coal Mine, Donetsk;
- Shvets I. S., Smirnov A. P. - Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies NAS of Ukraine, Nikolaev

The monograph is devoted to existing problems of intensification of methane production, oil flow and recovery of artesian wells flow with application of hydrodynamic, pneumohydrodynamic, pneumatic and electric impacts. It consists of 8 Sections revealing the methods and means to decontaminate the wells drilled from the surface of the earth, which allows creating an additional filtration manifold and increasing the inflow of methane, oil and water in cost-effective quantities.

The book is intended for engineering-technical workers of oil and gas industry, coal companies, utilities, professionals working in the field of applied geomechanics and safety, as well as for graduate and undergraduate students.
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