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Sizonenko O. N.

The method of electrodischarge effect on the structure of porous materials and the dynamics of filtering hydrocarbon fluids in them:
monograph - Kiev NPP "Interservice", 2015. - 300 p. (24,38 conventional printed pages).
- Edition of 300 copies - ISBN 978-617-696-314-1.

Workplace of co-authors:
- Sizonenko O. N. - Institute of Problems of Materials Science NAS of Ukraine.
The results of theoretical and experimental studies aimed at development and implementation of the electrodischarge method of altering the structure of porous materials of natural and artificial origin with aim of improving their filtration characteristics are provided.

The conditions under which high-voltage electrical discharges yield to the synergetic effect in changing the filtration characteristics of porous permeable materials are substantiated in science terms and determined in experiments. Significant changes in the rheology of fluids, i.e. changing viscosity, surface tension, etc. are established.

The phenomena occurring while electrodischarge downhole devices are in operation and the influence on porosity and permeability properties of the productive interval of the formation are considered. The results of the use of electrodischarge technologies for intensifying filtration processes in productive formations during treatment of over 300 producing wells in different geological and technical conditions of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China are consolidated.

For scientific, engineering and technical personnel, graduate students, university students specialized in physics, chemistry, mechanics, materials science, development and exploitation of oil fields.