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Krutikov  V. S.

Waves in domains with moving permeable boundaries. Problems of control:
monograph - Nikolaev Makarov NUK, 2015.-392 p. (22,8 conventional printed pages).
- Edition of 350 copies - ISBN 978-966-321-304-0.

Workplace of co-authors:
- Krutikov  V. S. - Institute of Problems of Materials Science NAS of Ukraine
For about three centuries, from the moment of creation of wave equation, mathematical physics has been facing the problems of solution of nonlinear problems described by equations in partial derivatives. The most complex of them is the problem of mobile boundaries.

An alternative author's approach to mobile permeable problems solution was proposed and developed.

The method allowed making a qualitative step forward, turning from the learning of wave processes to more complex and important process of wave processes control. The functions of wave processes control in the regions with mobile permeable boundaries, mobile radiating boundaries were defined.

Intended for scientists, engineers developing high technologies, students and post-graduates of related specialties.