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A.A. Shcherba, N.I. Suprunovska, S.V. Petrichenko

Dynamic Processes in Electric Discharge Installations

- / Інститут електродинаміки НАН України, Інститут імпульсних процесів і технологій НАН України, - Київ: Про Формат, 2017. - 459 с. (11,0 обл.- видав. арк..) - Тираж 300 прим. - ISBN 978-966-02-8449-4,   УДК 621.3.011:621.314:621.373 ББК 31.2

The methods for the analysis of interdependent pulse-periodic processes in circuits of electric discharge installations with a reservoir capacitor, semiconductor switches, stochastic load and controlled voltage feedback, as well as the synthesis of new structures of such circuits with increased dynamic characteristics have been developed in the monograph.
The theory of dynamic electric spark processes arising in a layer of metallic granules in a dielectric liquid between electrodes with the formation of multichannel discharge currents in the layer, which cause the appearance of short-lived electric sparking that rapidly migrating between the electrical contacts of the granules, was also developed. The use of such a volumetric electro-spark processing of the granular layer makes it possible to obtain electro-eroded micro- and nano-powders with unique properties as well as to implement the productivity of their production of 1-10 kg/h at specific power inputs of 2-12 kWh/kg.

The book is intended for expert engaged in the calculation and optimization of pulse-periodic processes in electro-pulse systems with capacitive energy storage devices for electro-spark processing of materials and media, as well as for graduate students and students in the field of theoretical electrical engineering.